Vanessa Bravo is a journalist, editor, and public relations practitioner with 14 years of experience in the field. She worked for newspaper La Nacion — the most important daily in Costa Rica — as a junior journalist (1993-1997), as a senior journalist (1998-2001), as the online editor (2003-2005) and as the managing editor of the features daily magazine  (2005-2007). Bravo worked for one year (1997-1998) as the Communications Director at Paniamor Foundation, with responsibilities ranging from managing the media relations to creating and updating the foundation`s website.

She earned her Master of Arts in Mass Communications at the University of Florida, in the spring of 2003, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. Bravo earned her Licenciatura degree in Journalism and her bachelor`s degree in Mass Communications at the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR). In the Spring of 2005, Bravo was an assistant professor at UCR.

Right now, Bravo is finishing her Ph.D. in Mass Communications.


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